25 April 2013


The first thing I noticed when we got up and breakfasted was the warmth. The next was the colours. We gloried in both as we opted to walk (of course) down to the waterfront through the center of town rather than take the tram.

With our sandals on and no packs in sight, we could have walked for hours without stopping. No need however, as we soon reached the sea. There is a reason that everyone says “no really…it’s that blue” because it certainly is. But it is not only blue, but it fades from one shade to the next in the most organized brilliance I have ever seen.

Locals were laid out on the pebble beach like so many oiled starfish. Palm trees took precedence over all other types. Tourists limped over the rocks in their swimsuits, dipped in, and hurried out because of the chill in the water. No longer inhibited by socks or rain, Sonya and I both got our feet in the water.

I, of course, couldn't help but take a few foot pictures of the waves tumbling around my ankles.

While we did venture up into town a little in search of food, we found ourselves back at the water’s edge before long and spent nearly the whole day there, soaking in what warmth we could and, of course, journaling.

That evening was a relaxed one with a simple dinner cooked in the self-service kitchen at our hostel and more sleep undisturbed by the loud music next door.

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