23 April 2013

lauterbrunnen to nice

With our train leaving at 11:30, we had time enough to walk a few hours before our long day of travel. While the clouds of the day before were awe-inspiring and created wonderful frames for the alps, we really wanted to see them unveiled completely. the LORD was good and granted us even that frivolous wish, giving us a perfectly cloudless morning to wander about and gaze at the peaks.

Onto the train we went. As station after station whipped by, we tried to figure out which countries we were in with little success. We could certainly tell that we were heading towards the Mediterranean, with the houses melding into that distinct style and the sun feeling heavier and heavier on our backs. We greatly enjoyed the time between trains walking up and down the platforms under that sun.

We made every single connection with plenty of time. But for two very stressful hours when we thought we would be kicked off of a train (the last one for the night, I might add) because we didn't have a reservation ticket to go with our rail passes, the traveling went smoothly. Safely in Nice, we hailed a cab and were dropped off right in front of our hostel. More collapsing into bunks and sound sleeping. Not even the piercingly loud bar next door could keep us awake.

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