22 April 2013


Our one full day in Switzerland. Crazy? Maybe, but it was worth every single second. Having arrived in the dark, we didn't know what to expect out of our window when we woke up. Here’s what we saw:

The clouds were wrapped around the top of the hills. Shards of the alps above peeked through now and again, always much higher up than we expected. Once we walked out of our hostel and down the road a few yards, we turned around and were met with the view of the famous Lauterbrunnen valley. You can see our hostel in the lower left hand corner.

Off we went to…what else?...walk for miles. We headed up first, into the surrounding mountains to Isenfluh, a small village above Lauterbrunnen. The views only got more beautiful as we got higher up.

All along the road were towers of wood faultlessly chopped and stacked, ready for use when the next cold weather comes along. I must admit that I got wood stack envy.

Once we reached Isenfluh, we sat for an hour or so gazing, journaling, and gazing some more. We finally dragged ourselves away because we hadn't taken any food with us and it was heading towards lunch time.

Heading back out from our hostel after having eaten, we walked down the river, following it further into the valley.

Dinner called us back again quickly followed by journaling and bed in order to get enough sleep for the next day filled with more trains and, if the LORD would grant it to us, summer sun in France.

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