26 March 2013

little things

I often find myself collecting little things - postcards, stamps, rocks, and the like. Unfortunately, I also become stressed with my surroundings aren't clutter free. This, as you can well imagine, becomes a problem with little things building up around the corners of my desk.

My solution? Glass jars.


Especially now that I buy my own food, it's really easy to find interestingly shaped containers. My current favorite was a delicious Indian Curry. Yes, I have bought food based on the jar that it came in. It has never disappointed me.

Now my little stamp collection is pretty yet contained while I can keep track of the coins that I find particularly lovely. Thankfully I have rocks from only two places around here (l to r: Wales, Ireland, Ireland) so far making it unnecessary to get them a jar...yet.


Melanie said...

Furthermore, the jars enhance the collections by framing them and yet are lovely themselves, becoming a subtle collection of their own.

Katie Beth said...

Exactly. :)

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