26 December 2013

two thousand and thirteen to date

So here I am almost at the end of 2013.  I have had to continually remind myself of exactly when this year started. It's felt like several all smashed into one, each filled with strikingly new experiences from first transcontinental flight, first few months cooking for myself, first graduate school application, first secular university. 

And that barely scratches the surface what with all of the countries I've stepped onto and oceans I've dipped my toes in. 

This year has brought a great deal of excitement and has  certainly changed how I view the world from the simple (eg how to successfully interact platonically with men my age) to the more complicated (eg thoughts on the British education system verses the American one).  I have made friends I will never forget and said goodbye to them within the same year. 

This year has also brought a great deal of failure on my part from cultural interaction in England to struggling to feed myself well while in unit here in the United States. Even through all of my failures when I did not glorify the LORD, love those around me, or care for the world , the Lord has been gracious. He has taken those failures and, more often than not, turned them upside down into blessings.

I wouldn't trade the contents or order of this year because I know that the LORD will continue to teach me through what has happened this year.

Next year could find me in Tennessee, Washington, or a hundred other places. Right now I am focusing on trusting that the LORD is in control and that it is His hand alone which guides me. He will carry me through whatever happens next whether or not I can anticipate it which, if this year has anything to say on the subject, the unanticipated adventures that the LORD sends me on are often difficult, but worth the trip.

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