08 January 2014

two thousand plus seven plus seven

This year brings an odd sense of "what next." Of course, most every other soon-to-be college graduate is company with our eyes and ears soaking in the struggles of the world awaiting us. We've been told to spend these past four years in college or university in order to ready ourselves...to gird our loins for the coming rushing flood.

And it is a rushing flood. A tidal wave of "I have no idea" and "where are we going again?" but it is also a wonderful ride. I can see it coming and I have a vague idea of where it is taking me. I can't be sure of course. Not with the past few weeks throwing me all over the map of possibilities, none of which can be marked with a pin for sure just yet but all of which seem to have a hole to hold one.

Here comes commencement, a throwing of ourselves on the world while simultaneously finding ourselves pushed from comfortable piles of pillows and safety nets.

But even in the frightened thoughts of not amounting to much or shaking hands with practicality, I am determined to cherish this time.

Suddenly every window and door seems to be thrown open because I don't have to actively walk through them just yet. I can soak in the light pouring into this little room at the top of a Georgia mountain.  Soon some of those windows will close and the doors will creak shut so as to not block the ones I'm to go through. Soon I'll have to pick something and stick to it come boredom or bad rent, but here goes. 

Pretending its an adventure will make it one because that is precisely what it is.

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