01 December 2014


last month
> make an SCD yellow cake with chocolate frosting Dad wanted a trifle for his birthday so I made Comfy Belly's yellow cake, "frosted" it with lemon curd, and then layered it up in a trifle bowl. Still needs some fiddling, but I was delighted by the results.
read A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis (nope.)
> Gerard Manley! A collection of his work is finally sitting on my bedside table! Here's to future reading and quotes most likely showing up here.
> successfully photograph a wedding Here are my favorites.
> photograph more of Seattle Because it's so beautiful!

on the docket
> Start reading Gerard Manley Hopkins (but really)
> Write more letters
> Finish preparations for moving into an apartment in Seattle
> Experiment with apple cake

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