28 November 2014

saturdays are for veggies and cake

I snapped this picture from earlier this month. The sun was out, the market was bustling, and the cookies were melting. Shoppers meandered down the long row of square tents, bobbing back and forth between samples of honey, cold beer, and brownies. 

But that was a month ago.

Today it was cold.

Waking up to snow turned to driving through it to standing for six hours in the wind waiting for the die-hard and sparsely scattered farmer's market shoppers to come by. Icicles dripped from our hand-washing spigots while ice formed in the buckets. Those vendors lucky enough to be working as a team took twenty minute shifts to go inside and stand by the heater.

It really is fascinating watching people deal with severe wind-chill. Some hide inside themselves, perhaps pretending they don't exist so that it is no longer a problem that they can't feel their nose or their feet. Others explode out into the space around them, laughing, dancing, and giggling their way through the numbness. 

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