15 April 2014

lemon curd

Here is a little piece of my childhood. I stirred up a batch last week and am eating it as slowly as I can. All in all it's quite a good end-of-the-semester-crunch-I-think-I-might-collapse treat.

I also tried these coconut flour tortillas from The Crunchy Lab. Because they call for eight egg whites, they seemed the perfect companion recipe for the six egg yolks called for in the lemon curd recipe. Little did I know just how amazing they would be together.

Recipe adapted from my mother's original method

6 egg yolks, beaten well 

Strain through a sieve into a heavy saucepan 

3/4 c honey 
1/2 c fresh squeezed lemon juice 

Add, stir to combine. 
Cook over low or med/low heat stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until mixture is thick and coats the back of the spoon. 
Remove from heat. 
Stir until mixture cools a bit. 

1/2 c (one stick) unsalted butter cut into small slices 

While stirring constantly, mix in one piece at a time. 

1 T grated lemon rind 

Stir in, cool completely. 

If using in a tart, pour into tart shell then put in the fridge. 

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