15 August 2014

salt spray

I'm a fan of hairspray. Because of how fine my hair is, it is almost guaranteed to fall out of whatever I put it in. Therefore: hairspray. It becomes especially valuable while ballroom dancing. While I have tried to master the art of fixing my hair in the middle of a dance, I don't recommend it and have gotten into the habit of giving it no option but to stick in the first place.

However, while hairspray is convenient, it is also expensive. And quick to dirty up your hair. So, I turned to salt spray. Which, if you buy it in-store, is also very expensive. So I looked it up, my mom and I experimented with a few batches, and we ended up with this recipe. While my mom has been playing around with other recipes, I've stuck to this one and love it. Now, if I could just live next to (or on) the ocean, I wouldn't even have to make this...


1 c hot water 

2 T Epsom salts 
1 pinch sea salt (2-3 pinches for stiffer) 
1 t hair gel 
6 drops essential oil or tanning oil 
1 t rubbing alcohol (70%) 

Put all into a jar and shake until dissolved. 
Store in an airtight jar or spray bottle. 

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