14 August 2014

portland and back again

Here's something I'm really enjoying about this time in my life: no car. Yes, driving is enjoyable. It is also stressful and expensive. With more time than money, I'm greatly enjoying the adventure of alternative transportation.

For example:
While planning a recent weekend trip to Portland, we discussed several options. My suggestion was biking. People bike from Seattle to Portland all the time, right? You wouldn't necessarily want to bike back as you have to go against the prevailing wind while going North -- see? I did my research -- but serious adventure points and might as well enjoy the fact that my body could move itself that far under its own power.

The next suggestion -- far more reasonable -- was the train which, to our delight, is far less expensive than driving a family car. Who doesn't want to sit and watch the pines go by, listening to the tracks and the murmured conversations behind you?

 However, we finally decided on the cheapest option -- as we don't have jobs yet it seemed wise -- which was busing into Seattle and then grabbing the Bolt Bus to Portland, boarding a train, and heading to where were were staying the weekend. Then, to get back, we simply reversed the order.

So, besides catching a ride with my father into work to catch the bus into Seattle proper, we got from Seattle to Portland and back again only on public transport and our own two feet.

The satisfaction of being in Portland in the morning to grabbing blackberries along the road that evening and walking through the front door? Delightful.

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