20 August 2014

all the questions

The past few weeks have been filled with walking up and down Seattle's streets, learning my way around the public transportation system, applying to any job I can find, drooling over boats and apartments, and endeavoring to keep my head above water.

It wasn't until about a week and a half ago that summer-happenings settled down enough for me to send in applications but since then I've been either hectically busy going to interviews or sitting on street corners waiting to hear back while picking my roommate up from work.

This has given me time to do a great deal of people watching. It's amazing the kinds of things you can infer about people simply from a strange mark on their shoe or how their hair is slipping from its tie, or how a smile hides in the corners of their face. Also enjoyable is playing "tourist or not a tourist?" A very easy, yet still entertaining game which doesn't involve someone judging your thoughts, skills, and opinions. A nice break from interviews and applications.

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