08 September 2014

life lately

making // a thrift store table and chairs charming enough for a first apartment. With a little spit-and-polish and a tad of paint, one perfect table and four practically matching chairs will soon be ready for use as a tiny eating table, extra kitchen counter space, and a desk for two. 

reading // The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and finding out just how many liberties the films and musicals have taken.

watching // Elizabethtown and thinking about New York.

dreaming // about converting an old school bus into a home. Me and living in small spaces. I do love it so much.

dancing over // the fact that I am watching the leaves turn, fall, and skitter across the lawn without also starting new classes. As the first time in seventeen years, I think that's worthy of celebration.

1 comment :

Hannah! said...

Bah! You're reading Phantom? I adore that book. I've read it twice and highly recommend it, so I'm glad you're checking it out :) Enjoy!

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