02 April 2014

wow, so transubstantiation really is important

The Third Day
text: molly holleran
photography: katie beth

After a good night’s sleep, we got up slowly and made breakfast. There was no teapot in the apartment so KJ and KR jury-rigged a Pyrex measuring cup, strainer and tea towel into a completely serviceable brewing container.

KJ found a church within walking distance so we went there. It was a sung Episcopal service and gave a lot of food for later discussion. I was particularly struck by how important the matter of communion is when you believe that you are actually handling the flesh and blood of Christ in the Eucharist. It was something we had discussed in my doctrine class, but I never realized just how significant an issue it actually could be. 

They welcomed any visitors and we tried to blend in even though we had gotten there late, white, and in a mostly empty church. We awkwardly declined to stand because everyone knew we were new anyway. I was exceedingly confused by which books were needed for which songs or recitations as the names in the bulletin were not on the covers, and at least one was not even in the collection of books in front of us. The sermon over, we went through a round of greetings, and left before we could be cornered.

A few of us were not feeling well, so we decided to not stick around. When we got back to the apartment we called the man who had helped us [with Bruce]. We worked on Bruce for a while and eventually discovered it was the distributor. A few parts were replaced without effect, so we had him towed on Monday to have the entire distributor replaced. After dinner we took a long walk in search of a park. We ended up going the wrong way and going off catty-corner to it, but we had a lovely time nevertheless.

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