02 April 2014

we didn't turn on the tv

text and photography: katie beth

We happily and thoroughly confused our hosts.

He came up the stairs into the cloud of our animated discussion. His charisma pulled him into the middle of it as he walked by us to the fridge and then the stove where he cracked in three eggs and proceeded to scramble them. There was no mention of the strange fact that we were twenty-somethings in an apartment, sitting down to dinner at seven o'clock in the evening instead of sitting in the buzz of some bar's lights. He never asked us the questions that flashed between his eyebrows. Laughter and friendly indignation melded together as our discussion moved from one topic to the next, lighthearted and earnest. As he made his way down the stairs again, eggs in hand and an engaged smile on his face, he suddenly shifted his shoulders toward us and said "You can turn the TV on if you want."

We looked at each other in silence. Our heads turned towards him. "No thanks. We're good."

"Okay. You sure? It's easy to use."

"Yes. We're sure. Thanks."

And he was gone.

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