25 March 2014

peanut butter makes the best cookies

The first time I had these cookies, I helped make them at a friend's house for a tiny dinner party. We leaned on the counter in the dimming kitchen light, music of various genres playing in the background, and conversation jumping nimbly from one topic to the next.

I would suggest making half a batch at a time. It made almost two pan-fulls of cookies and the four of us had plenty. I'm afraid I don't know how well they keep or pack as I've never had any more than two days but I am alright with that.

Recipe from Gluten Free Fix

Preheat oven to 325 F.

1 16 oz. jar (2 c) natural peanut butter
4 T butter, melted
1 c honey
2 eggs

Chill until manageable.
Scoop cookies onto a baking sheet and use a wet fork to flatten.
Continue to wet the fork for each cookie.
Bake 12-15 minutes until a little brown around the edges and slightly darker.

(non SCD option: sprinkle on or fold in chocolate chips before baking)

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