27 March 2014

it can be done

I just want to say that it is possible to go on a week long trip in a strange city while still eating on the scd diet. I did it in New York. And oh was it delicious! Yes, there were several things that worked together to help me do so, but they were all intentional and set in place before we left. Here are those things.

Packing food for both the drive and for packing in lunches. Muffins, a trail-mix bag for each day we were gone, hard boiled eggs, cooked chicken, grapes...finger food that packs easily.

Staying in a place with a kitchen. We booked our room through airbnb and stayed in a little apartment in Brooklyn with a fully stocked and accessible kitchen. Far cheaper than a hotel or hostel not to mention comfier and quieter. It was the perfect retreat for us to run to at the end of the day, besides the fact that it meant that I could eat in such a way so as to not be in a large amount of pain.

Traveling with people who will help you eat things you should (and eat it with you) while also understanding the importance of letting you eat things you shouldn't because of the cultural experience. The balance is a difficult one to achieve and it may take you a while to find someone who doesn't mind the time it takes to actually shop for and cook a meal every night, but once you find one, oh it's delightful.

I should also note that I did not eat exclusively scd food on our trip. One does not simply say no  (see cultural note above). One simply does not say no to Molly's still-warm Guinness chocolate cake. Even when she's threatening to not give it to you because she's afraid you'll explode. But really. Totally worth it.

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