07 January 2013

welcome to my new home town

Here's a little tour of Oxford for you! This first picture is Wycliffe Hall (our hall) where we began our tour. Some of our students live here and many of our functions take place here as well such as afternoon tea.

This gorgeous building was considered a blight on the landscape by an important chap* whose name I can't remember. He walked miles around the park on his way to work so he wouldn't have to see it on his way to work.

Now we head further into the center of town.

When I saw these buildings, burned into my brain as I day dreamed about what it would be like to study abroad, it was like putting my eyes up to a stereoscopy. I knew the details already but they were suddenly far above my head, jutting out of the two dimensional world they had existed in before inside my brain.

What's hard to catch in these photos is how everything is embedded in the streets. The spires, wrought iron, and stone are all stacked in layers across the skyline and around every corner. This photo below catches a little of that and also captures one of my favorite things about Oxford...the bikes. I thought I would be nervous about biking with the cars because of the narrow streets, but they treat us like they treat other cars. Not to mention that bike lanes are everywhere.

So there you are! Some long promised photos at last. I'm still learning my way around, and there are many more things to see and photograph.




pbnett said...

I was hoping for some pictures. Wow. Amazing blog and links. You have really done a great job in sharing your experience. Thanks for bringing us on a virtual adventure.

Katie Beth said...

Any time. : )

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