07 February 2014

tips for tim

The LORD will watch over you and carry you when you cannot walk anymore and He will do the same when  you cannot feel anymore either.

Do not run away from those who truly see you. The fear of being known will keep you alone if you let it.

There is oftentimes more potential for truth in fiction than there is in non-fiction.

There is pain and also piercing beauty in putting on someone else's skin, whether they exist in reality or not.

As a writer, be in communication with other writers. Non-writers are important resources as well, but it is only fellow writers who will understand being haunted by a character or the paranoia that sets in as you sit down to write truth.

A format that works really well for a writer's group is everyone bringing something they have read or written and sharing it with the whole. The group then gets to see ideas ebb and flow, they see the piece form slowly, and each gets feedback and encouragement.

"I'm too busy" should never be an excuse. You can say "I have a test tomorrow I need to study for," "I haven't slept enough lately," or  even "I need to be alone today" but do not say "I'm too busy."

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