17 December 2013

tips for tim

If you cook parsnips, be sure to remove all of the sour core. You will taste it and it's nasty.

Brussels sprouts. Learn to love them. Adorable, good for you, easy to cook.

Seriously. Brussels sprouts are amazing. Look up a picture of them growing and you'll know what I mean.

ALWAYS check the stacks before moving sliding bookcases in the library. I have been trapped twice in the past month by folks who didn't look at all.

Sometimes being a knitter is like having a cat because the yarn sheds on you. Sometimes you might as well just get a cat.

I've written before about how you have to clean those things that you clean with, but this also includes the vacuum. 

Passive Aggressive behavior with room- or housemates is not acceptable.

Sometimes professors are just not very good at writing finals. That's okay.

When interviewing, be as honest as possible. Then they know what they're getting into if you get hired.

Find a place that is conducive to concentration and go there for working on homework.

Food is love. Buy food accordingly.

If you buy your own food, have a party the day before you leave for break. That way, you can feed them all the food that might go bad while you're gone. Far less wasteful and they feel loved. 

Sometimes friendships are just given to you. Cherish them just as much as if you had worked hard for it because in the end, none of us deserve friendship from anyone.

No one really understands William Blake. Don't feel bad if you don't either.

Some professors grade on effort instead of results. It's a beautiful thing.

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