24 September 2013

tips for tim

Never try to chop up cauliflower in a hurry or when you're grumpy...you'll just make more of a mess than usual.

When you can, buy products in glass jars.  There are so many uses for them that you might as well get one along with the food you're buying.

Growing your own herbs improves ones feeling of security immensely.  The feeling of decadence as you sip a glass of iced mint water while adding fresh basil to your omelette on a busy school morning? Quite wonderful.

Enjoy walking barefoot while you can, but enjoy the crispness of fall as well.

Get to know your professors as people.  Yes, it opens up the new risk of affecting a relationship when a grade doesn't match up to expectations, but this is not as likely to happen as you would think.

Eat outside when you can.

Maintaining tradition can be very stabilizing, especially when you are no longer around those people that you shared the traditions with.

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