10 September 2013

tips for tim

Chicken stock only lasts about four days in the fridge.

Cooked chicken only lasts about a week in the fridge.

Food doesn't last long in the fridge. Ergo, make soup.

While women without children might be the best preservers of furniture*, students who are procrastinating are the best house keepers.

In our culture, people are always going to be busy. You are always going to be busy. Don't let that ever be a response to why you can't do something with someone.

While separation from campus life can be jarring and somewhat intimidating, there are so many opportunities that open up to you. Yes, you may not hear about the totally awesome thing that's going down tonight, but you will be able to connect better with your professors or have people over for dinner.

As often as we forget it, we should be reminded: Relationships take awareness as well as work.


*Jane Austen's Persuasion.

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