30 September 2013

almond milk leading to almond flour

Since switching to this diet for medical reasons, I have found myself using more almond products than ever.  Almond flour in my baking, almond milk in my smoothies, and whole almonds for snacking when I get peckish between classes.  Unfortunately, almond flour is expensive and almond milk is very difficult to find without added gums or sugars.  Enter this wonderful new process I've learned from the wonderful Frugally Sustainable for getting both from the same cup of almonds.

After a little bit of prep time and perhaps half an hour, you end up with three cups of almond milk and about three fourths cup of almond flour, all out of one cup of whole almonds and some water.  Hello delicious smoothies and bi-weekly muffins! I have missed you.

process from Frugally Sustainable

1 c whole, raw almonds

Soak in water for 48 hours in the fridge.
Strain, and pour into a high power blender (like a Vitamix).

3 c water

Add to blender.
Blend on high until frothy.
Strain the milk into a bowl through either a fine strainer or through one lined with cheese cloth.
With the back of a spoon or spachula, press as much milk out of the almond meal as possible.
Place the ball of almond meal onto the center of a cloth and wrap.
Twisting the cloth so that it presses the almond meal, squeeze out the remaining milk.

Store milk in an airtight container in the fridge and use within three days.
Store still-damp almond meal in the same manner OR dry it over low heat on the stove top and store in your pantry.

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