01 August 2013

mount rainier national park

My dear friend Sam of Metaphysical Plums is working with the Mount Rainier National Park this summer and with Church in the Parks, which provides church services for those who are in participating national parks every Sunday. Not only does she get to work with a wonderful group of people, but she gets to be surrounded by the LORD's beauty every day. What a blessing.

This past Monday I got to go and visit her on a gloriously sunny day. I hadn't been in the park for such a long time and loved seeing all of the wildflowers out in all their profusion. Reds, blues, whites, golds, magenta.

Sam took me along a back road behind her cabin to see her favorite view of Rainier so far. 

For those of you in Georgia and Tennessee, do you see that little ridge down to the left of Mount Rainier? It has the same height gain as Lookout Mountain. I knew it was small! After enjoying the sunshine, sitting on the cabin's porch, drinking tea, and talking until we couldn't think of anything new, we headed over to Paradise Lodge to see Rainier even closer along with a waterfall right there at the base.

Love you Sam! See you in twenty six days!

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