03 August 2013

chevron rings

I have loved the look of chevron stacking rings for quite some time now. However, it wasn't until yesterday, when I was looking up their prices on Etsy that I realized something: "I have all the materials I need to make some!" 

Seconds later I was searching "DIY chevron rings" and up came the lovely a pair and a spare with a wonderful tutorial on how to shape them. While it took a few tries and modifications to get them how I liked, it was a wonderful jumping off place.

The main modification I made was the back. While a pair and a spare simply wraps theirs, I decided to roll mine into a scroll pattern. Not only does it remove the trouble of wires poking into your skin when you close your hand, but it also adds beauty to the back. One could even wear the back on the front if they felt so inclined. I used Bead Landing's 20 gauge beading wire. Here is a similar product. I have now been wearing them for three days and they have held their shape and color beautifully.

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