13 February 2013

out of doors

Yesterday was my first chance to get out of the house after being sick. I wasn't gone long, but it was so wonderful to get back down into city center. We walked down Headington Hill (fondly known as Mount Doom among some of us) and curved around to the English Faculty Library for the last lecture in what has been my favorite series so far: A Victorian 'A to Z': Key Concepts in 19th Century Literature and Culture. Today's was "Dandies and Decadence." Yes, it was awesome.

I was starting to feel my cold coming on a little stronger by the end of the lecture and decided to head back up to the Vines even though I would have much rather stayed away a little longer. I'm determined to avoid the cough that I've always gotten after a cold.

On my way back I saw that the horses were out so I snapped a picture. Sadly, they were all the way across the field instead of next to the fence as usual, but there will be other times.

Once I got in, I put my pajama pants back on, filled a pot of tea, and have been working on various tutorial work. It's lovely to be cozy, even if I'm in the same spot I've been for the past week or so. Being stuck inside is giving me a healthy appreciation for all of the things to be done out of doors.

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