19 December 2012

journaling kit

My most recent project is proof that saved sock bags can actually be useful and pretty.

Today I started compiling all the materials I'll need for my journal while in Europe. I still have a couple things to snag, and some of them I'll be getting in Oxford itself, but for the most part it's put together.

The brilliance of the sock bag I've been saving and which I can finally put to use, is that it is not only the perfect size, but it is also water proof. I can therefore take it in my backpack without worry of a deluge of rain ruining all my work.

decorative tapes for putting in pictures, feathers, leaves, or other tidbits like tube tickets
small scrap book papers to cut as journaling squares or banners
scissors with which to cut the scrapbook papers and tape
library date stamp to mark the date, of course
pen, another of course

to add
ink pad
(watercolors though I might not use them in the journal)

and the best part?
It'll all fit in the bag!


Sam said...

Brilliant! especially the stamp

Sam said...

Brilliant! especially the stamp

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