24 April 2014

the end of this

On May 2 I will have finished my undergraduate degree.

Four days ago I had six papers to write. I now have two.

Spring has come late due to the cold weather but all of the flowers are beginning to shove their way out of the ground and the mushroom scent of mud and grass is giving way to more delicate smells. Soon I will be able to walk home with fistfuls of flowers for our little bedroom.

I will miss this little house with its huge kitchen and light blue walls. I will miss the shelf that was my first pantry and the door that swings open in the wind. I will miss the mint plant that's taken over the side-yard and a roof to climb up on. I will miss the sound of my housemates chatting and laughing in the next room. I will miss the way the light filters down the hallway and the rug on our living room floor.

But I have to keep myself from packing.

1 comment :

Hannah! said...

This is pretty much exactly how I've been feeling lately. I relate <3 Miss you.

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