16 February 2013

new favorite salad

Slush. Rain. Dark. 

I tumbled through the back door of our home and bumbled through the kitchen behind the fog of my glasses. Dumping my groceries onto the kitchen counter, I started thinking what I might want to concoct for dinner. At seven o'clock I was looking for something simple, light, and fresh. This salad was born.

lettuce torn into bite sized pieces
sugar snap peas snapped in half
yellow bell pepper sliced into bite sized pieces
an apple thinly sliced
mild British cheddar in small cubes
sweet chili sauce drizzled on top
Shake to mingle everything together, pour into a bowl, and grab a fork.

The lettuce, sugar snap peas, and yellow bell pepper add a vegetable sweetness which plays beautifully with the slight tang of the sweet chili sauce. The apple joins in to add a new texture while the mild British cheddar grounds the apple without stealing the show. I also ate it while drinking orange juice which added a wonderful twist to the experience.

I will definitely be making this one again.

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