24 January 2013

the nosebag

The Nosebag is, in my opinion, the perfect tea room. Let's go through the qualifications for such a high and austere position, shall we?

An adorable name. check.
A cozy entrance up happily narrow wooden stairs. check.

Lovely outside views. check.
Quaint yet classy windows. check.

Tempting enough to get friends to come with you. check.
Cheap enough for you to treat them. check.

Friendly staff who are still polite even when you have NO idea where the self-serve scones and jam are and have to clarify exactly what they mean by "cream." check.

Delicious scones. check.
Having these scones be big enough to count as lunch. check.

More jam and clotted cream than you can eat. check.
Pretty yet cozy stone wear. check.

Teapots that are big enough to hold two generous cups of tea. check.
Within walking distance of where you live/study/work. check.

Now do you all agree with me?


Jonathan said...

I'm convinced! But you had me at "Nosebag"

HAD said...

YES. Best tea in Oxford.

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