07 December 2012

Why am I studying abroad?

Cultures have always drawn me in. From a very young age I have sought out new cultures and endeavored to not simply know about them, but to learn them. While growing up in the greater Seattle area, Native Americans became by far the most impactful people group I have encountered. My desire to become a cross-cultural teacher stems directly from my love and respect for both the people themselves and their rich culture. The education necessary to reach that goal has taken me beyond anything I expected. Currently living three thousand miles from home in an already unfamiliar culture, I am about to travel even further to study in Europe. By once again transplanting myself into the midst of an unfamiliar nation and people, I will have the opportunity to make valuable observations, expanding my learning beyond academia and into the people who will surround me. They will make up my study as I sharpen my perception and embrace new perspectives. Such skills will vastly improve my ability to teach where I long to - in cities and towns where people are vilified and children are forgotten.

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