07 December 2012

Late Night Study Tea

Trader Joe's | Organic Chamomile Tea...the perfect sleepy classic.
combined with
Bigelow | Perfect Peach...a delicate peach that still holds its own and is the most glorious grapefruit red.

I have never particularly liked chamomile tea beyond the nostalgia and Peter Rabbit. However, when combined with a light fruity tea like Bigelow's Perfect Peach, all of the edge is taken off (not that there was much to begin with) and it's sweetened up in the most delicate way. And the best part? Neither will keep me up once I can finally go to bed no matter how many cups I drink. Also, all teas taste better in a brown betty, but it's especially true with late night study tea.

You can find Trader Joe's Chamomile online here or in nearly any of their stores and you can find Bigelow's Perfect Peach here or nearly anywhere that sells cheap tea...like Walmart. I know...cheap tea. No judging. I'm not a tea snob yet.

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