07 May 2014

they said it would end quickly

As of Monday 5 May 2014, I have completed my undergraduate degree.

I am well aware that this is a calm before the storm as I pack up this life and set about starting the next, but right now it is quiet.

Everything is sitting, waiting to be folded into boxes.

The faces of the many people I have grown to love and cherish over these past four years feel closer than ever right now in these few moments before they disappear in the distance. Their handwriting will become more familiar than their eyelashes and for right now that is okay.

Taking time to let my body recover, I have watched the sunshine throw squares on the floor and felt the breeze shuffle its way through the weight of ninety degrees. 

Food has once again become an experiment instead of a chore and my family is on their way here.

A familiar emotional frenzy is flying through my fingers and keeping my mind awake. It's the desperate desire to do all I should and see all there is. Four years isn't nearly long enough to soak up something as substantial as the American South. 

I hope to return some day. Perhaps I will be able to understand this place better from across the country. After all, that is how I really began to understand my own home and, more significantly, my place in it.

So here is to sitting here quiet, still excited about the rush of days coming up with job searches, small paychecks, and expectations.

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