21 January 2014

cauliflower rice

As I riced a cauliflower in preparation for pizza later this week, I started wondering whether I could just cook it in a saucepan and call it rice rather than going through the complicated onion-cauliflower-veggie recipe I'd done earlier. It was a decided success.


1 head cauliflower

Cut into bite-sized florets.
Place into a blender and add water until all florets are floating above the blade.
Blend until no florets remain.
Put desired amount of "rice" into a sauce or frying pan and add water.
Bring to a boil.
Take back to a simmer and place lid on.
Cook until desired texture is reached.
Use as you would rice!

I decided to eat it for lunch today with some orange chicken. I want to fiddle some more with the chicken itself (which means I will try not to burn the tomato sauce again next time), but together they were simply delightful comfort food. Perfect for a on-off snow flurry day.

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