12 August 2013


My Mom and I got a weekend at home just by ourselves. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to test out some of the pizza crust recipes we've gathered.

The first order of business was getting the tomato sauce cooking. We didn't have any fresh tomatoes, neither did we have tomato juice. We did however have a can of Italian tomatoes, which are much safer for an SCDer because by Italian law, they must list every single ingredient that goes into the can while US law allows certain preservatives to go in unlabeled.

The recipe I'd come across was a cauliflower pizza crust which has been floating around the interwebs for quite a while now. Cauliflower, cheese, and egg, it was a cinch to mix up and get into a round on the pan. It also baked up beautifully and held its toppings well when finished. It's a knife and fork pizza unless you keep it in the oven a little longer than the suggested time.

Mom's recipe was an almond meal based one from "Eat Well Feel Well" by Kendal Conrad. It was also quite easy to put together and roll out into the desired round. It was nice and crisp, perfect for holding the slices in your hands while eating. I didn't like it as much because of a dryer texture and strong almond taste, though it was much closer to the classic texture of a thin crust pizza.

We topped our pizzas with the fresh tomato sauce, cheeses and bell peppers, then watched the 1995 Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciarán Hinds (our favorite) as well as part of the 1998 Les Miserables. An evening filled with good acting, good fellowship, and happily successful food experimentation.

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