07 December 2013

tips for tim

If you ever find a good letter writer, cherish them. They are rare.

As soon as you drip something in your oven, it becomes very difficult to cook by smell. Everything will smell like it's burning because the oven is burning and you'll become desensitized to when something is actually burning. To avoid this, always cook pies, cakes, or other such pans over a rimmed cookie sheet. Problem solved.

Rugs go far in making a house feel more like a home...or at least an abode.

It's Brussels sprouts, not Brussel sprouts. I never knew, and now you do.

Keep a running list of things you need to take and things you need to bring back the next time you take a trip home.

Everyone feels like they're the only one washing the dishes. Wash them anyway.

Eggs are God's gift to college breakfasts.

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