20 November 2013

tips for tim

Catching up some.

Keep old assignments as reference for professor's style preferences.

Don't put on mascara and then cut an onion.

Cooking the tomato, onion, and/or bell pepper to go into your omelet is totally worth the time and effort.

Fear of others can frequently translate into the appearance of pride. Don't let it stop you from reaching out to those people who appear uppity. They could just be really lonely.

There is something so very beautiful about the burn in your lungs after an early morning walk.

Do some homework every day except Sunday. Even if/especially if nothing is due the next day. It will give you some buffer for when you really do need to take a break.

If you're struggling with staying on task but you have to use a laptop, work in the same room as someone else in such a way that they can see your computer screen and thereby keep you accountable.

It is possible, though not recommended, to write a decent paper in one day.

Need a break? Besides doing something new, you can go and do the same thing in a new place. For example: paper writing. Go to a coffee shop, or to a different room. It can give you a huge boost.

Don't ever do homework on your bed.

Don't use your laptop on your bed.

Don't write papers on your bed.

Keep your bed sacred to sleeping, reading for pleasure, or other such things which give you rest.

Annotated bibliographies are not hard. They sound intimidating, but you should be making one anyway even 
if it isn't assigned. It helps a great deal once you arrive at actually writing your paper.

If you have the opportunity to do so, and you're trying to figure out what a class's content is before you register for it, go and talk to the professor who is teaching the class. Not only will you get accurate information, but you'll get a picture for what their focus will be.

Senioritis is real...and brutal. DON'T GIVE UP.

Sometimes you need to write a story because it chooses you. You don't think you're the right person to write it, but it won't go away.

Have regularly scheduled times to get away from work or academics. Knowing a break is coming can help you work that much harder until then.

Be sure to have a lunch box/bag big enough to hold the proper amount of lunch for you.

Making up a pancake recipe isn't that hard. Try it some time.

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