19 November 2013


I was recently asked which books are conjured up by each season for me. Here's my answer.

Fall often conjures up the desire to curl up with young adult fiction such as The Chronicles of Narnia. I want to be up and adventuring, but tea and a warm corner often keep me from finding adventure outdoors. I turn to books instead. 

Winter wafts in the desire for a massive, intellectual, yet eciting book, often leading me to Jane Eyre. But, I have recently added Les Miz to my repertoire, so Victor might win out over Charlotte this year. Or perhaps Crime and Punishment...always love me some Russian novels...or perhaps a new Dickens. 

Spring I tend to read very little as I laze about, wishing I wasn't raining so I could frolic through the meadows because after all, that's what spring is for. However, having recently read Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, I believe that will become a go-to, though not any further than the fifth chapter or so where she begins to get strangely abstract and philosophical about the cosmos.

Summer brings a yearning for read-aloud sessions and I look for something that tastes delicious but still has substance. Phantom Tollbooth and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have been perennial favorites. To my great joy and excitement, I am now also the possessor of The Man with Two Left Feet, a collection of PG Wodehouse short stories of the best caliber. There is no better read aloud literature in my opinion.

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