17 September 2013

tips for tim

When professors tell you to study really hard, study really hard. Don't just figure you're fine.

If you have the option, get foods in glass jars. For example: peanut butter and jam. Not only will you have the food, but you will also have a container afterwards. The stickers are easy to boil off, they're easy to sanitize for future use, and you don't have to buy glass storage jars.

Get Tupperware for your lunch box. It saves on trash and helps you portion your meals properly.

Using leftovers as the base for a new dish works really well. You get the budget advantage of eating every last bit of food while still getting to eat something different from the day before.

Flash cards are wonderful no matter what grade or year you're in.

Know how to store perishables before you buy them. You can buy a mess of vegetables, or a whole chicken, but if you don't end up getting to eat them because they rot first, it's not doing you or your budget any good.

Make sure to set up designated time with housemates, especially if you're all really busy.

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