03 September 2013

tips for tim

This year I will be doing the Tips for Tim (a tip for every day I take college classes for my little brother about college, classes, and life in general) on Tuesdays. It will be much like previous semesters but I will be purposefully posting them together, instead of accidentally doing thirty five at a time.

If you walk to campus in the summer, go early before the humidity and sun heat kick in. That way you'll have time to recover from being drenched in sweat AND it will be cooler to begin with.

Give yourself an extra week to move into a house. It may seem like it would be the same as moving into a dorm, but it takes much longer. You also need the time to adjust to the distance between places.

Try new food combinations. Especially when you're cooking for yourself, making something less than pleasant isn't the end of the world. More often than not you run into tastes and textures you enjoy that you never would have guessed.

Cook it yourself. Yes, things in cans are convenient, but making it yourself is (mostly) cheaper, it's better for you, and doesn't take all that much time.

Floor beds are awesome.

When possible, recycle and compost. It will cut down a great deal on how much trash you have to drag to the dumpster or pay to have taken away.

Give everyone in the house sections of jobs to do. For example, instead of having one person be in charge of all the waste, I do the compost, another cuts the lawn (to put in the compost bin), another does the recycling, and another takes care of the trash. Alone, it would be far too big of a job. Together it's a cinch.

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