03 September 2013

mes adventures

Here is something beautiful from the web. My dear friend HollyAnne has just opened an Etsy shop entitled Mes Aventures. It bodes to be simply glorious. I personally can speak to the quality of her art as well as her yarn crafting skills and I am so excited to see where this goes.

Hello! I’m HollyAnne Knight, a wife, student, and artist with a passion for place. For as long as I can remember I've loved road trips and new experiences. As I've grown older and begun traveling around the world, that passion has expanded to experiencing other cultures as well as locations. I have been to 46 U.S. states and 5 other countries, namely Guatemala, England, India, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I am amazed and thankful every time I reflect on how my travels have shaped my understanding of and appreciation for the world as well as simple daily adventures in the places I've called home. 

If I had to guess, I think the earliest seeds of Mes Aventures, Crafts & Co. were sown after five weeks of studying at the University of Oxford in England. I visiting the Lakes District and I didn't verbalize my desire for a shop until Christmas, but I know my time abroad fed my creativity in a very special way. My shop was finally "born" this summer in the flowering of my conviction that every day of our lives is an adventure and we should celebrate that.

Mes Aventures features stationary and prints showing some places to adventure to and some of the themes that inspire a sense of adventure. While some of them are abroad, others are simply reminders of home such as fall leaves or a cheerful chickadee.  Where we are rooted is oh so important. I hope to soon offer knits that also complement our adventures and can perhaps be cozy companions for future travels.
Most of the products currently featured are paintings from my travels and experiences while a few represent the adventures of my friends, such as the elephant and giraffe from Tanzania. I'm also hoping to start introducing a few pieces that depict lands and spaces in treasured books and stories. I might suggest that Anne's Green Gables or Bilbo's Bag-End are just as important as Oxford and Yellowstone. 

So come journey with me! Celebrate the places you have lived, the places you have been, and the places you want to go. Feed your wanderlust. Seize the day--it is an adventure!

An easy way to keep up with Mes Aventures and to be notified when new items come into the shop, you can follow its Pinterest board here.

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