31 August 2013

jewelry storage

I have always loved birch trees...striking white trunks, the lace they make from sunshine, Robert Frost. As I was spending time out in the dirt weeding this past summer, I found this branch and knew I wanted to bring it with me. I thought about doing this wonderful tutorial by Mojomade with it, but I didn't have finishing nails and wanted to do something that wasn't as trendy.

Thanks to the layers of design in God's creation, I was able to use it as it was by simply propping it up in the corner. No nails, wire, or string, just a natural form, and one that I particularly love.

For bracelets, I'm using this artist's hand, something I have had in my room about three years now but have never used in this way. I knew I wanted to switch things up, and moving into a house has been very conducive to that. No longer in a familiar space, we're forced to come up with new solutions to old problems. It is a joy.

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