30 August 2013

room tour

We are now all moved in. Everything has its place and (for now) everything is in that place. My roommate and I are reveling in all of the space we have. While it isn't all that spacious of a room, it is about the same size as one we were previously sharing with two other girls and four desks. I am really enjoying how it turned out. It is most certainly a testament to the fact that if you gather things which have utility and which you find beautiful, they will all work together. There are so many tidbits that it was too much for one post, so I will be doing individual posts on various things around our room. 

On living off campus. There are some very great joys in it, such as picking flowers on the way to class, having time and space to oneself, and putting nails in the walls, not to mention not having to be on the food plan. And yet, it is also difficult. Not in the ways that I expected, such as having to walk a mile to classes, or packing lunches, or having time enough to cook and prepare food. Rather, it is when classes are over for a few hours and there's nowhere to go, or when the Freshman still look unfamiliar even though we've already been on this mountain for a week and some.

There is a deep rut of separation now. Having been so deeply involved with my hall and friends on campus for the past three years, it feels bizarre. Word of mouth is so important here but we're not connected to it. We can't feel the heart beat and campus feels strangely rubber-like...one can touch it, but it just bounces back at you with no new information. 

Perhaps things will change. Perhaps the distance will be healed over. Perhaps this is the best thing that can happen...a buffer between remaining and leaving. I am content.

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