30 July 2013

gift wrap closet

While it has been a pit of crumpled paper mess, I was able to transform this little sliver of a closet into a highly functional and organized place. While all of the supplies are in the exact same location as they were before, I've put to use some of the items themselves to corral the things we use.

The biggest problem was the gift bags. They generally stood in their cube of space on the bottom shelf, but finding a bag for the proper season was a chore. I would go to get a bag for a friend's birthday and end up having to shuffle through thirty Christmas ones before grabbing at the first non-seasonal one I could find simply because I was tired of looking. Now one bag "drawer" contains Christmas while the other contains everything else. All one need do is slide out the bag, flip through like a file-folder, and bring out the size and decoration required.

The rolls of gift wrap were happily standing before within their container, but now they aren't crowded with framing paper, various scrappy maps, or crumbled up notebook sheets.

Then there is the grab box. It contains everything necessary to wrap a gift...ribbons, pens, tape, scissors, etc...right at arms length. It makes covert wrapping operations a cinch.

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