30 July 2013


My grandmother was here at our home for her birthday and we had the wonderful privilege of helping a new little family business get a start by having them host their first mobile tea for her. Specialtea comes to your home with everything required for a glorious tea party in the theme of your choice, sets it all up, serves it, and takes it all away. No fuss, no mess, and a wonderful afternoon.

As a theme for this particular tea, we chose Beatrix Potter. Their creativity was astounding and the theme flowed through not only the decorations, but the food and tea choices. Familiar items from the books were nestled in corners of the table from some of Squirrel Nutkin's nut shells to Peter Rabbit's flower pot.We had Apply Dapply's pie, Jeremy Fisher's butterfly sandwiches, Tabatha Twitch-it's scones, and a multitude of other delicious things.

A particular favourite of mine was the good little bunny's berries, milk, and bread, transformed into a delicious dessert.

By having specialtea take care of the details, we were able to not only enjoy all of their creativity, but we were also able to spend more time with my grandmother. No dishes to clean up afterwards, no carpet stains to deal with, no worrying about where to put dinner dishes. It was all taken care of for us with the most wonderful style.

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