20 April 2013

tyndrum to london

Up early the next morning, we arrived at the Tyndrum train station a full hour and a half before the train did. The dead quiet was wonderful as we sat waiting. I caught up on the Dickens I had missed when I fell asleep while Sonya was reading aloud the day before.

The greatest blessing that the LORD granted me on this trip was traveling with a companion who travels in the same way that I do…arrive early for trains, don’t worry too much about food, and know that getting there can be enjoyed just as much if not more than actually being there.

Once we caught our train, we railed directly to London St. Pancras, walked to King’s Cross, and followed the underground to the home of a wonderful couple of Sonya’s acquaintance who not only let us stay with them, but fed us a warm, home cooked meal and, an even greater service, let us do a load of laundry.

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