19 April 2013

invernarnan to tyndrum

The first day filled entirely with sunshine. We got up to find our boots dry from hanging over the heater…

…and the sun setting the surrounding hills to glowing.

Mentally ready to walk the next fourteen miles we had planned that day, the first five minutes proved that my knee, which had been increasingly painful the second half of the day before, would not take it. Unperturbed and quite happy with a quiet day, we settled ourselves next to the river, gazed at the mountains, journaled until we could journal no more, and read Dickens while we ate a can of peaches. The lambs in the surrounding fields were so small that their legs wobbled as they walked to their ewes.

We enjoyed ourselves heartily and then hopped on the bus at 16:15 to Tyndrum, our last stop in Scotland.

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