15 March 2013

wales: a rest and then adventures

The next few days in Wales I took as a complete break. I took walks without my camera and simply soaked in the rolling green, blue, and red, the bleating of the sheep, the crisp feel of the gates as I climbed over them, the squish of mud as it threatened to get into my socks.

Then we visited castles! Here was our first day of exploring when we went to Caerphilly castle.

This last picture from this castle isn't very flattering, but has sentimental value to me. The face I am making shows up in countless photos of me as a little girl: proof that I'm still the same person I was in some ways.

Off to the next one which was situated in a beautiful section of the woods.

IMG_0914 (2)

The last castle we visited was one that had been bought by a rich gentleman in the 1800s. He rebuilt it as accurately as he could and ended up with a very European influenced castle instead of the British look he intended because his sources were all European. Fascinating.

Another fascinating tidbit for those of you who watch Dr. Who is that this castle is also the location for the episode with the woman vampires. You can see the arches they were standing in in this next picture.

It was a day of castles and riding in the mini bus with red clay splattered on our boots and jeans. Heading back home, we were sure of a hot fire and good books to read...or perhaps a hot bath with the same.

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