07 February 2013

sick day

Yesterday I picked up a bug that's been going around. While it's inconvenient because I can't go anywhere, it's also nice because I don't have to go anywhere. I spent the day making pasta sauce and writing an exploratory sketch on the word "strange" in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

Happily, Katrina kept me company. To keep ourselves working, we had the most wonderful tea spread. Whole wheat digestives, dark chocolate, honey, sugar, milk, soy milk, teacups, and a brimming pot of PGTips. 

Today the sickness has a tighter grip on me and I'm finding it difficult to concentrate enough to finish the work for tomorrow's tutorial. However, with the help of tea and a banana oatmeal peanut butter honey soy milk smoothie, I should be able to finish it in time.

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