20 February 2013

last monday

Last Monday my tutor looked me in the eye and told me "you should get this published."

That tiny comment has completely changed how I look at my writing. I knew I liked it, and I knew that select friends liked it, but to have someone who writes for a living...who is a tutor at THE University of Oxford...tell me that I should publish something, and that it could probably get published, stops me in my tracks.

My first reaction was a welling of emotion that screamed "write more! write for hours on end!" and the next was "there's no way you can write something that good again. give up." I've decided to go with a hopefully happy medium that says "write the next poem for him and see what happens."

I think I'll go with that for starters.

1 comment :

Hannah! said...

........I love you so much. Congratulations, sweetie!!! :D

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